Key topics:   ?The sixth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee ?China's Changemakers

Xi stresses full, strict Party governance, vows zero tolerance on corruption

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, on Tuesday stressed rigorous and unswerving efforts in further promoting full and strict Party governance.

SCIO press conference on China's import and export performance

The State Council Information Office (SCIO) held a press conference on Jan. 14 in Beijing to brief the media about China's import and export performance in 2021.

Tonga volcano relief efforts face challenges: UN

Relief efforts following the Tonga volcano eruption face the challenge of severed communications, falling ash closing the major airport and strict anti-COVID measures, UN officials said on Tuesday.

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Smarter globalization for better post-pandemic recovery

What the global community needs now is to pool efforts and wisdom to steer the world towards a better future with a smarter globalization.


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